shutterstock_166610150     How Do I know If Need to Consider Treatment for My Voice?

Voice issues sometimes occur but if you are experiencing symptoms that persist or even seem to be getting worse treatment may be required.

Symptoms like the ones described above could be an indication of other health concerns including the possibility of throat cancer. Because these issues may have serious health implications, you should see your physician for evaluation.


     Whom Do I See for Persistent Issues with My Voice?

Ear, Nose and Throat physicians or ENT’s also know as an Otolaryngologist will conduct an exam to evaluate whether your voice issues are of a serious nature and need medical treatment. This process will include exploring your medical history, and a physical exam of your vocal cords. Vocal Cord examination can be as simple as looking into your throat with a small mirror and may also include looking closer with a camera tube that is passed      through the nose known as an endoscope. If an endoscope is used, your throat is numbed to provide you comfort during the vocal exercises so your physician can see your vocal cords in motion.


     If Treatment Is Needed What Choices Do I Have?

If your medical exam resulted in insufficient vocal fold performance, than your physician may consider one or more treatment choices.

Focal Fold Inspiration

Vocal Fold Inspiration

Vocal Fold Phonation

Vocal Fold Phonation

Vocal Fold Curving at Attempted Phonation

Vocal Fold Issue at Attempted Phonation


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