What is the recovery period for the procedure?
Since RENÚ® VOICE is done in your physician’s office under local or topical anesthetic there is not a traditional recovery period. Your physician may ask you to refrain from talking post procedure and suggest voice rest for a few days.
Will the RENÚ® VOICE or RENÚ® GEL injection hurt?
Your physician will provide either a local or topical anesthetic prior to the start of your procedure to make you as comfortable as possible. Your physician will be asking you to perform a few vocal exercises to assist during your treatment.
Should I expect side effects from this procedure?
Few side effects have been reported and those that are tend to center on those associated with injected implants. Tenderness and mild swelling at the injection site are commonly reported.
Will the RENÚ® VOICE and RENÚ® GEL product last forever?
No, RENÚ® VOICE and RENÚ® GEL lasts in most patients around a year or two, but results vary from patient to patient.  The product is long lasting where the gel carrier is absorbed much quicker than the particles; which breakdown gradually over about a two year period.
What is in the RENÚ® VOICE and RENÚ® GEL product?
All or the majority of the product is a hydro-gel. Renú Voice is a hydro-gel in which tiny synthetic particles of calcium hydroxylapatite or CaHA are suspended. The particles and gel are designed to be biocompatible with your body so that you tolerate the product well during and after the procedure.
Are RENÚ® VOICE and RENÚ® GEL approved by the FDA?
Yes, RENÚ® VOICE and RENÚ® GEL are cleared by the FDA for vocal fold injection augmentation.